This collection of poems was written when my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer (he’s currently in remission). The poem I’m sharing in today’s blog post , “The Future,” could apply equally well to what we’re experiencing in response to coronavirus. Take a look!




The Future

Letters appear when I hit

the computer keys

and leave

a trail

across the page


I follow,


a light in the dark

it only shows

a few feet

at a time, everything


in shadows. Life

is like this. It gives


glimpses into

the future though

there might not be

a future

if the present

is all we have.


I must stop thinking

of futures

and focus

on the present,

how the sun

dances off objects

and lightens


the darkest greens

until they gleam, or

touches nearby roofs

with a golden glow.


And I sit here watching

the world

unfold before me

as if it never existed

before but only appears

as I type

these letters

and capture


what I’m seeing

what I’m seeing

what I’m seeing.


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