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Book Marketing 101: Part Three

Okay. So far I’ve talked about the various efforts I’ve made to publicize Fling! And each day I anxiously check my Amazon and Goodreads’ pages to see if anyone has posted a new review or rating. Then I look at Bookscan’s sales’ figures, which don’t seem to budge much in spite of all my efforts.waiting It’s depressing!

I also have put out feelers to book groups, libraries, and senior residences/centers for readings or speaking opportunities. I’m still waiting for their responses.

And that seems to be the message I’m getting: Wait.

I’m also waiting to hear back from two potential local radio interviews.

I’m waiting for word from the film and foreign agents I’ve contacted.

I’m waiting to see if my novel will become an audio book as well.

Patience seems to be the key here. I need to let go of my need for instant gratification and realize that the publishing scene has its own pace. It may speed up at times. It may slow down at other times. But it will be less discouraging if I think more in terms of a year than a few months. Next summer I’ll look back and evaluate from that perspective. Then I’ll be ready to write Book Marketing 101 (Part Four).

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