The Evolution of Tillie, a Canadian Girl in Training!

girl-1729256_1920I’ve been reworking Tillie: Portraits of a Canadian Girl in Training, a sequel to my recently released novel Freefall: A DivineComedy as part of a three-book contract from Pen-L Publishing. They wanted me to write more about Tillie, Freefall’s main character, and Portraits shows Tillie’s development from three years on to eighteen. Continue reading “The Evolution of Tillie, a Canadian Girl in Training!”

Giving Birth to a Novel and to Myself

FreefallThe publishing date for Freefall: A Divine Comedy draws nearer (1/1/19), and a few days ago, my advanced review copies (ARCs) arrived after the drafts went through several final editings. Since the novel had already gone through numerous versions, the editing at the end was light, mainly copy-editing problems. Continue reading “Giving Birth to a Novel and to Myself”