What Goes into Creating a Novel?

FreefallTomorrow, January 1, 2019, Pen-L Publishing will release my third novel, Freefall: A Divine Comedy, and I’m as excited about its appearance as I was when they published my “debut” novel Fling! in 2015. My family and friends have all commented on how prolific I am, assuming that I wrote these books in the past five years or so. But the reality is very different. Anyone who has written a long narrative knows that a novel is not just long in length, but it also takes a LONG time to produce. Continue reading “What Goes into Creating a Novel?”

Do Female Relationships Hold Up Over Time?

absorbed-2409314_1280My latest novel, Freefall: A Divine Comedy, explores, among many things, female relationships and how they evolve over the years. As someone who has valued my friendships with females and males, it was interesting to explore how people can relate if they either haven’t seen each other for a long period or have connected only infrequently, as is true for three of my four major characters. They had been close friends in their late teens and early twenties, a time when identities are still fluid and forming. Continue reading “Do Female Relationships Hold Up Over Time?”