Thinking of changing your WordPress theme? Think again!

Well, I certainly didn’t expect that setting up a new WordPress blog theme would take over my life, but it did. It started so innocently. I began browsing through my then free WordPress themes, searching for one that would give me a more professional online look as a published author. There were many to choose from, but none grabbed me. None said, “Hey, Lily, this look will enhance your author’s ‘brand.’”

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To blog or not to blog. Is that really the question?

Blogging has become a major part of my writing process. Each Monday, I publish a new blog post that is related in some way to reading and writing. Today’s is no exception, but it’s about the process of creating a new blog. In 2009, I took advantage of’s free blog templates and platform. I felt satisfied with the theme I’d been using. I also appreciated not paying a monthly/yearly fee for using it. A newbie to creating a blog, I needed something simple so I could teach myself how to set it up, and WordPress offers online guidelines for doing so. Over the years, I became somewhat adept at publishing my posts and keeping my pages updated. Continue reading “To blog or not to blog. Is that really the question?”