Reflections on How Poems Mean

sunrise-2899850_1920I’m always a puzzled by how writers can plan out a poem or story before even attempting the first sentence. Some do complete outlines, right down to the actual ending. Others have ideas they want to develop into a poem or story, which suggests control over the content. To me, these methods feel too engineered, preventing the unconscious to have much play in the process. Continue reading “Reflections on How Poems Mean”

A Message for All Writers!

I came across this Charles Simic poem and believe it’s speaking to us writers. Of course, I’m sure it has multiple meanings. What do you think?
The White Labyrinth
There is one waiting for you,
On every blank sheet of paper.
So, beware of the monster
Guarding it who’ll be invisible
As he comes charging at you,
Armed as you are only with a pen.
And watch out for that girl
Who’ll come to your aid
With her quick mind and a ball of head,
And lead you by the nose
Out of one maze into another.