What’s It Take To Be A Novelist?

writing-3209899_1920Pen-L Publishing, the house that has published two of my novels (Fling! and Freefall: A Divine Comedy), has also contracted with me to write another that features Tillie Bloom, Freefall’s main character. This new work’s title is Tillie: Portraits of a Canadian Girl in Training, and I’ve been working on it for the past few months when I wasn’t making final revisions to Freefall. Continue reading “What’s It Take To Be A Novelist?”

Revision Hubris

correcting-1351629_1920Okay, I’ve been writing for longer than I care to remember, but I still can convince myself (arrogant? yes!) that I don’t need feedback from other writers.  This attitude tends to take over when I’ve spent considerable time working on something, as I had with a memoir I’ve written.  After all, it’s my story I’m telling.  How could someone else help me to improve it?  I don’t usually take this approach to fiction I’ve created; I assume it can be made better.  But I had persuaded myself that this material was ready to be published. Continue reading “Revision Hubris”

Giving Birth to a Novel and to Myself

FreefallThe publishing date for Freefall: A Divine Comedy draws nearer (1/1/19), and a few days ago, my advanced review copies (ARCs) arrived after the drafts went through several final editings. Since the novel had already gone through numerous versions, the editing at the end was light, mainly copy-editing problems. Continue reading “Giving Birth to a Novel and to Myself”