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There’s No Snoozing During Siesta

I hadn’t seen the movie (and it doesn’t appear to be available now), but a friend recommended the novel Siesta, and I just finished reading it. As another reviewer has pointed out, it’s difficult to discuss plot without giving away too much.

I was amazed at Patrice siesta copyChaplin’s skill at weaving together past and present and even future. She did it in a seamless way that, as a writer myself, I’m envious of. Her fast-paced prose also underscores the narrative’s tempo. I had trouble putting it down as I had to know what happened next.

At the heart of the book is a love story that keeps getting more complex. Sylvia, the main character, clearly is self-destructive, caught in a compelling affaire that won’t let her go. I felt as if I had entered this nightmarish dream-like world with her that involved multiple characters. They seemed to be inner figures more than actual external persons that represented aspects of Sylvia herself. Fascinating read!

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