Thanks to Pen-L Publishing for this lovely cover of my soon-to-be released novel Freefall: A Divine Comedy. 

“These fascinating characters will fill your imagination, defying expectations about aging, art, and what truly matters in life.”

—Laurie Ann Doyle, author of World Gone Missing.

“This is an enchanting story about old friends reuniting as they struggle with thoughts on aging, religion, motherhood, men, art, and death. A delightful trip in every respect, with plenty of surprises and laughs along the way. A Divine Comedy, indeed!”

—Mark Willen, author of the novels Hawke’s Point and Hawke’s Return.

Freefall will appear this summer. 

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To blog or not to blog: Is that really the question?

blog-428950_1920Blogging has become a major part of my writing process.Each Monday, I publish a new blog post that is related in some way to reading and writing. Today’s is no exception, but it’s about the process of creating a new blog.Since 2009, I have taken advantage of’s free blog templates and platform. Until recently, I felt satisfied with the one I had been using from the beginning. I also appreciated not paying a monthly/yearly fee for using it. A newbie to creating a blog, I needed something simple so I could teach myself how to set up a blog, and WordPress offers online guidelines for how to do so. Over the years, I became somewhat adept at publishing my posts and keeping my pages updated.

But now that I have a fourth book (a novel, Freefall: A Divine Comedy) coming out on August 1, 2018, I want a more professional looking site.

When I couldn’t find a free template on WordPress that would give me the kind of author platform I need, I searched for literary blog templates. That took me outside of the free WordPress world and into a whole new range of options where I fell in love with what is now my new theme. And, yes, the theme’s name is “Literary.” It was designed with writers in mind, and I love the way it displays published books on its pages. Do take a look!

Unfortunately, I not only had to pay for this template, but I also had to upgrade my account to the business plan. Otherwise, I couldn’t have used this more advanced theme. Since the business plan offers continuing support from “happiness engineers” (and they really do bring happiness to novices like myself who are fumbling around in this world of codes and obscure language), as well as access to excellent plugins such as Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, Page Builder, and so much more, including ways to sell your books directly on your site, it’s well worth the expense. And it’s a tax write-off.

So while my approach ended up costing me more than I had anticipated ($300 per year for the business plan plus around $60 for the new theme), I not only have my own easily remembered domain name now (, but I also have a site I can constantly improve as I grow more familiar with all of its possibilities, including sliding images, videos, and other tantalizing prospects.

I would love to hear from other bloggers about their experiences in setting up a blog and your response to my new format!








by lilyionamackenzie

Lily Iona MacKenzie sprouted on the Canadian prairies under cumulous clouds that bloomed everywhere in Alberta's big sky. They were her first creative writing instructors, scudding across the heavenly blue, constantly changing shape: one minute an elephant, bruised and brooding. The next morphing into a rabbit or a castle. As an adult, Lily continues to seek instruction about fiction from clouds. Just as they provide the earth with much-needed water, she believes that stories have a similar function, preparing the mind to receive new ideas. Magical realism pulses at the heart of her narratives, her work celebrating the imagination.

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