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Watercolor by Lily Iona MacKenzie

Reviewers & Bloggers

For interview requests, blog tour stops, signed copies, giveaways, and more, please contact me via email @ lmackenzie (at) pacbell (dot) net.

Writing Groups, Booksellers, & Librarians

I enjoy speaking on a variety of topics, including the origins of fiction, the craft of writing, the whole perplexing publication process, and more. For speaking engagements outside the San Francisco Bay Area, I need to be provided with travel and hotel accommodations. Please contact me via email @ lmackenzie (at) pacbell (dot) net.

Book Clubs

If your book club wants to read Fling! or Curva Peligrosa, email me for signed copies and swag @ lmackenzie (at) pacbell (dot) net.

If your book club is within the San Francisco Bay Area, I’d love to meet you for book talk. Email me @ lmackenzie (at) pacbell (dot) net.

If your book club is far away, no worries, we can Skype! Email me the details @ lmackenzie (at) pacbell (dot) net.

Book Rights, Blurbs, etc.

Please contact my publishers:

Pen-L Publishing (Fling! and soon-to-be released Freefall: A Divine Comedy):  info (at) pen-l (dot) com

Regal House Publishing (Curva Peligrosa): editor (at) regalhousepublishing (dot) com




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