Lily Iona MacKenzie’s Publications


All This. Poetry Collection. Published by Little Red Tree Publishing. October 2011.

Fling! A novel. Published by Pen-L Publishing on July 1, 2015.

Curva Peligrosa. A novel. Published by Regal House Publishing on September 21, 2017.

Freefall: A Divine Comedy. A novel. Published by Pen-L Publishing in 2019.

The Ripening: A Canadian Girl Grows Up (A sequel to Freefall: A Divine Comedy), a novel. Published by Pen-L Publishing in 2021.

No More Kings. A poetry chapbook published by Prolific Press in 2020. 


A review of Blackboard: a personal history of the classroom by Lewis Buzbee. Gazette: (Oct. 2014)

A review of Wild Words: Essays on Alberta Writing. Prairie Fire. (April 2010).

A review of Alice Burdick’s Flutter, a poetry collection. Prairie Fire, (Sept. 2009).

A review of From Cohen to Carson: the Poet’s Novel in Canada. Prairie Fire. (Mar. 2009)

A review of Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives. Prairie Fire, (Feb. 2008).

A review of Askiwina: A Cree World. Prairie Fire, (Nov. 2007).

A review of Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry. Prairie Fire, (April 2007).

A review of Prairie People. Prairie Fire, (Nov. 2005).

A review of Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry. Prairie Fire, (Feb. 2004).

A review of Golden Woman: Dreaming as Art, by Kay Stone. Prairie Fire, (Jan. 2004).

A review of Intimate Journal by Nicole Brossard. Prairie Fire, (Fall 2003).

A review of The Voice is the Story. Prairie Fire, (Jan 2003).

A review of Opposite Contraries: the Unknown Journals of Emily Carr and Other Writings. Prairie Fire, (Fall 2002).

A review of Prairie People. Prairie Fire, (April 2002).

A review of Lyric/Anti-lyric: Essays on Contemporary Poetry. Prairie Fire, (May 2001).

A review of The Widows. The Prairie Journal, (June 2001).

A review of Imprints and Casualties. Prairie Fire, (June 2001).

A review of The Widows. Women on the Web (Spring 2001).

A review of Wisdom of the Heart: Working with Women’s Dreams. Round Table Press (Summer 1998).

“Be Gentle and Subversive,” and “The Walled City.” Two book reviews. Voices in Italian Americana (Spring and Fall 1990).

Omnibus book review on dreams. Psychological Perspectives (Spring 1990).


“A Song at Twilight.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology.  Fall 2021.

“Matisse: The Poetics of Vision.” The Ekphrastic Review.  8/6/2020.

“The Artist’s Call.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology. Fall 2019.

“Jazz.” The Voices Project. July 31, 2019.

“The Girl with the Pearl Earring.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology. Summer 2018.

“Big Lucks.” Bone Bouquet. September 2016

“Underground Springs.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology, summer 2016

“Ode to Russia.” Atlanta Review. International merit award. 2015

“A Song at Twilight.” 99 Poems for the 99 Percent Anthology. (2014)

“Babbling.” Common Ground Review. Spring 2014.

“Pursuing Ay,” Little Red Tree International Poetry Anthology 2013.

“After seeing Richard Serra’s retrospective.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology (Fall 2013).

“Agadez,” Bougainvillea,” and “December Blues. The Maynard. (2012).

“January has tripped me up.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology. (Fall 2012).

“Bougainvillea.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology. (Fall 2011).

“Wolves.” Pedestal Magazine. (February 15, 2011).

“Troy XI.”   Lady Jane Miscellany. (April 2010).

“Warm April.” Tipton Poetry Journal. (April 2010).

“Troy XI” and “I seize the past.” The Literary Bohemian, (April 2009).

“Eulogy,” “Old Faithful,” & “Tutankaman.”  Wordriver Literary Journal, (Mar. 2009).

“This Is the Age.” Ars Medica, (Winter 2008).

“Snap(shot)” and “The Flowers Are Back.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology, (Sept. 2008).

“The Mullah’s Call.” Santa Clara Review, (Spring/Summer 2008).

“Pursuing Ay” and “21st Century Blues.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology, (Sept. 2007).

“Pursuing Ay.” 1st place winner. WTF Magazine, (July 2007).

“Night Tremors.” Marin Poetry Center Anthology, (May 2004).

“El Nino.” Red Weather: A Journal of Poetry and Culture, (Dec. 2000).

“All This,” “So Green the Shift,” “Selvig,” and “Before Falling.”  Marin Poetry Center Anthology, (Sept. 2001).

“All This.” Pif Magazine, (Dec. 2000).

“Almost Spring,” “Into View,” “Harmonies Lifting,” “Crescendo.” Dragonfly Review (July 2000).

“Our Conceit.” Afterthoughts (Winter 1999).

“Tomorrow Is Epiphany And I Wait” & “Girl/Edge.” Psychological Perspectives (1999)

“Universes Within.”  Afterthoughts (Summer 1999).

“Double Rainbow.” The Prairie Journal (July 1999).

“Calliope” and “Water, Gleaming Trout.” Ink Magazine (Summer 1998).

“The Ocean.” Lip Service Magazine (1991).

“Potatoes,” “The Visit,” and “Geometry.” Green’s Magazine (Fall 1990).

“The Only Sane Place.” Crazyquilt Quarterly (Fall 1990).

“Regret.” Psychological Perspectives (Fall 1989).

“The Daughters of Copper Woman.” Earth’s Daughters (Mar. 1989).

“The Eggs” and “The Offering.” Poetry: San Francisco Quarterly (Winter 1988/89).

“Saturday Night at the Laundromat” and “The Daughters of Copper Woman.” College of Marin Mariner (1983).

“Berkeley Beat.” Chespas, U.C. Berkeley (Apr/May 1982).

Short Fiction

“The Dollhouse.” Eastern Iowa Review. August 2019.

“Breaking Through.” Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine. Fall 2019.

“Stampede.” Dreamers Magazine. Summer 2019.

“Out to Sea.” Phantom Drift. Fall 2018

“The Dollhouse.” Nonbinary Review. Winter 2016.

“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” The Offbeat. Fall 2016.

“The Monkey on Her Back.” Waking Writer. October 2016.

“Aileas Muse and the Angel.” Lady Literary Magazine. September 2016.

“The World That Jack Built.” Poplorish. Spring, 2016.

“The Woman without a Nose.” Real Women Write: Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives, volume 14 in SCN’s members anthology series. January 2016.

“The Line of Vision.” BorderSenses, (Fall 2015)

“LA Story.” Still Points Arts Quarterly. (Fall 2015)

“Biting Through.” December Magazine. (Fall 2015)

“Ariadne’s Daughter.” Siren Magazine. (Summer 2015)

“The Intruder.” Flash fiction. Indiana Voices, (March 2015)

“Priscilla the Python.”  Spark: A Creative Anthology. (Spring 2015)

“Home.” Sandy River Review. (Spring 2015)

“Resurrection.” Amarillo Bay, (Aug. 2009).

“The Dreamcatcher.” The Battered Suitcase, (May 2009).

“Spirit of the Law.” Wazee Journal, (July/Aug. 2004).

“Biting Through.” Northern Contours (Fall/Winter 1998/1999).


A Way of Seeing: How to Write Like a Woman:

“Dreaming Myself into Old Age: One Woman’s Search for Meaning.” San Francisco Jung Journal. September, 2022.

The Sexism I Faced As SF’s First Female Longshoreman: Silicon Valley isn’t the only boys’ club in the Bay Area: The Bold Italic., 2/21

For those of you who would like to know more about magic realism, be sure to read this article: “The Magic and Mystery in Magical Realism”

“Living as if Your Life Depended on it.” A reflection on living in a more awakened way. Braided Way Magazine. 1/14/20.

“My Home and Native Plant.” Reflection of my Canadian roots. Maple Tree Literary Supplement. October 2019.

“Emily Carr: An Artist’s Evolution.” Profile of Canadian artist Emily Carr. Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, August 2019.

“Five Ways to Create Writing Magic.” An essay on the writing process. DIY MFA. 1/12/19:

#5onFri: Five Ways to Create Writing Magic

“One with the Elements.” A reflective essay. Aji Magazine, spring 2018.

“Editing’s Many Layers.” An essay on the editing process. Fiction Southeast. Fall 2018.

“The Ring of Fire.” A reflection on losing my home and all my belongings when my cottage burned down. MacGuffin. Winter 2018.

“Deep Chords.” A reflection on poetry’s importance. Pif Magazine. August 1, 2017.

“A Legacy.” A profile of my Scottish grandfather. Literary Orphans Journal. January 2017.

“What’d I Say?” A reflective essay on the 60s rock scene. Embodied Effigies. Fall 2016.

“A Vacation from a Vacation.” A reflective essay. True Words. Story Circle Network, June 2016.

“Freedom!”. A reflection on our addiction to tech. SNC One Woman’s Day. April 20, 2016.

“Quebec City: The Heart of Canada.” A travel piece. Wandering Educators, November 2015.

“The Magic in Magical Realism.” A reflective essay. Women Writers, Women’s Books. 10/16/15.

“Has Aging a Meaning.” A reflective essay on aging. Stone Voices, Summer 2015.

“The Laurentians: A Biker’s Heaven.” A travel piece. Wandering Educators, July 2015.

“Turning Honey into Gold.” A reflective essay. Psychological Perspectives, Summer 2015.

“Medea: A Mother’s Day Meditation.” A personal essay. The Manifest-Station, May 2015.

“Turkey: Under Construction.” A travel piece. Wandering Educators, May 2015.

“The In-between World.” A reflective essay on poetry. The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, Spring 2015.

“Why I Write.” A reflective essay on the writing process. Fiction Southeast, Spring 2015.

“What Is the Real Story.” A reflective essay on writing programs. Now What? Creative Writer’s Guide, Fall 2014.

“Bikini Blues.” A personal essay. Switchback. Fall 2014.

“Walking the Labyrinth.” A personal essay. Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche. Summer 2014.

“Don’t Fence Me In.” A personal essay. Concho River Review. Spring 2014.

“Occupy 101.” A personal essay. Sheepshead Review. December 2013

“I Was a Canadian Girl in Training.” A personal essay. Horizon Magazine.   November 2010.

“Bikini Blues.” A personal essay. Still Crazy: A literary magazine. July 2011.

“Will Work for Food.” A personal essay. The Write Room. March 2010.

“A Highland Fling.” A personal essay. in Jan/Feb 2010.

“The Island of Ariadne.” A personal essay. Hackwriters: The International Writers Magazine. Sept. 09.

“Prince Edward Island: A Biker’s Heaven.” A travel piece. Travelmag. Sept. 2009.

“Don’t Leave Your Vacation To Chance.” A travel piece. Sept. 2009.

“The Writing Teacher as Artist.” A personal essay. Spectrum Literary Magazine, (June 2009).

“Evolution of a Reader.” A personal essay. Wordriver Literary Journal, (Mar. 2009).

“Semperleaden.” A personal essay. Passport Journal, (Feb. 2009).

“The Innocent Eye,” a critical essay. Gently Read Literature, (Nov. 2008).

“What’s in a Name?” A reflective essay on Calgary. Alberta Views, (Feb. 2006).

“Emily Carr’s New Art.” Profile of Canadian artist Emily Carr. The Tampa Review, (Summer 2005).

“The Real Story.” A reflective essay on writing programs. The Rose & Thorn, (Spring 2005).

“Hornet Redefines Presence.” An article about ghost sightings aboard the aircraft carrier The USS Hornet. Heartland Magazine, (May 2004).

“Mundus Imaginalis: Reflections after Seeing Magritte.” Article. San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, (Feb. 2004).

“Emily Carr’s New Art.” Profile of Canadian artist Emily Carr. The Tampa Review, (Summer 2003).

“Soul of a City.” A reflective essay on Calgary. Alberta Views, (Summer 2003).

“Hornet Redefines Presence.” An article about ghost sightings aboard the aircraft carrier The USS Hornet. Heartland Magazine, (Spring 2003).

“A Walk on the Wild Side.” Article. Cottage Magazine, (Nov. 2000).

“Crossing Borders.” Profile of Canadian artist Peter Rice-Jones. Salida, (April 2002).

Side bar in Travelers’ Tale Greece from “The Island of Ariadne,” an article, (Sept. 2001).

“Hornet Redefines Presence.” An article about ghost sightings aboard the aircraft carrier The USS Hornet. Naval History Magazine, (Jan. 2001).

“Writers Be(a)ware.” An article on scam artists posing as agents. (Nov. 2000).

“The Badlands.” Cover story in weekend travel section. The Vancouver Province (Dec. 2000).

“Expanding our Vision.” An article on poetry and art. Riding the Meridian (Aug. 2000).

“The ABC’s of Lodging.” Travel article. The Denver Post (2000).

“Lake Enchalm.” Travel article. The Vancouver Province & Edmonton Gazette (Fall 1999).

“April Fools.” An article on responding to student papers on microcassette tape. The Alberta Teachers’ Association Magazine (May 25, 1999).

“Has Aging a Meaning?” A comparison of the aging process with creating a sculpture. Anima (Fall 1987).

Profile of Sheri Gaia and the Gaia Dance Theatre for Mill Valley Record (Feb. 1987).

Review of dance performance by Ruth Langridge Dance Company for Mill Valley Record (Dec. 1986).

“Can Art Survive in a Straitjacket?” Overview of the “state of the art” at the College of Marin Art Department. Marin Review, a publication of the Marin Arts Council (July 1986).

“Fairy Tales: The Rhythm of the Night.” Unpublished manuscript in completion of Masters in Humanities degree. Combination creative project (compilation of original fairy tales) and analysis of fairy tales as a genre (1984).

“Is There Room at the Inn?” Discussion of homeless situation in Marin County. Coalition Free Press (a publication of the Human Services Coalition, Marin County) (Mar/Apr. 1984).

“Marin Pair Find New Life at Retreat Center in Wilds.” Interview with Marge and Todd Evans. Marin Independent Journal (Apr. 16, 1982).

“It Could Happen To You: Lost on a Mountain.” Reflections on being lost for 28 hours in British Columbia wilderness. B.C. Outdoors (Apr. 1981).

“Street People of Marin.” Interviews with street people and those who deal with them daily. Marin Independent Journal (Oct. 23, 1980).


“Do or Die.” Memoir. Real Women Write Anthology, Vol. 15. January 2017.

“A Doll’s House Redux.” Memoir. Wordriver. Spring 2012.

“Playing with Fire.” Memoir. At Home and Abroad: Prize-winning Stories, (Nov. 2007).

Excerpt from “The Island of Ariadne.” Travelers’ Tales: 365 Travel, a Daily Book of Journeys, Meditations and Adventures, (April 2002).

“The Ring of Fire.” Reflective essay. Other Voices, (Spring 2001).

“The Ring.” A personal essay. Paper Boats (Summer 1999).

“One with the Elements.” A personal essay. Pilgrimage (Nov./Dec. 1992).

“The Call.” A personal essay reflecting on childhood truancy. Pilgrimage (Fall 1990).

“Heirlooms.” A personal essay. Pilgrimage (July/Aug. 1989).

“Turning Honey into Gold.” A reflective essay. Pilgrimage (Feb/Mar. 1988).

“The Evolution of a Reader.” Reflections on literature and my development as a reader. Zenger’s Golden Gator, San Francisco State University (May 1979).


Interview with Amy Hale Auker, November 2015

Interview with Aaron Shurin, Jacket2, June 2012.

Interview with Dean Rader, South East Review, Issue 30.2, Summer 2012.

Interview with poet Brenda Hillman. Berkeley Poetry Review (1992).

Interview with poet Brenda Hillman. Indiana Review (Fall 1990).



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