Free Children’s Stories (Audio) from “The Story Shoppe”

Please feel free to download these audio files.  They contain children’s stories that Gayle Mills and I created for “The Story Shoppe,” a radio program that aired on Marin County’s KTIM several years ago.  We not only wrote the scripts, many adapted from myths, fairy tales, and other sources, but we also came up with the sound effects and music.  Enjoy!  (Before downloading, please review the “Terms of Use” below for these audio files.)

01 beauty & the beast & anansi stories (the trickster is one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore)

01 anastasia and the very sad dragon “Anastasia” is an original story by Lily Iona MacKenzie.

02 The Legend of Mount Tamalpais

01 claus & his magic staff and the forbidden place (“The Forbidden Place” is an original story by Lily Iona MacKenzie)

02 hiro “Hiro” is an original story by Lily Iona MacKenzie

1-01 hansel&gretel, fable

01 hans christian anderson’s “It’s Perfectly True” & the passover story

01 gods know, coyote tales, boots & wooden bowl

01 Stories from India (The Tiger, the Brahmin, & the Jackal), Anderson’s “It’s Perfectly True,” “The Princess & the Pea,” & The Emperor’s New Clothes”

01 easter story & red riding hood

01 demeter & norse tales

01 a cottage in the woods & rapunzel & Anna & the Upside Down Witch (“Anna & the Upside Down” is an original story by Lily Iona MacKenzie)

01 sorcerer’s apprentice & snow white & rose red

01 red riding hood & rumplestiltskin

02 parrot tales (14th Century tales)

01 peter pan & the great stone face

01 the story of the nutcracker

01 Mr. Frog’s dream & the ice witch

2-01 the story of st. valentines & chinese new years

01 jack and the bean stalk

01 the story of a surprising xmas An original story by Gayle Mills

01 a thanksgiving story & greek stories Gayle Mills adapted the Thanksgiving Story from a Louisa May Alcott story.

01 billy beg and his bull

01 red riding hood & phantom carousel

01 Sleeping Beauty

2-01 the happy prince

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