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In his memoir VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS, guest author Eddie Knight speaks eloquently from prison of fathering a gay son

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In his memoir, Eddie shares his story from prison of becoming a father at 18 years old who realized his son was showing ‘stereotypical’ signs of being gay while still in diapers. Spending most of his adult life engulfed in the street gangster/hip-hop culture where this subject was not only hushed but deeply frowned upon, he gives us the voice for what’s been kept silent for far too long, confronting almost every aspect of this taboo topic. It took years for him to silently accept his son’s homosexuality himself, regardless of all the signs. When his son was five years old, his favorite color was pink and there was nothing Dad could do about it. By the age of fourteen; he was an Internet sensation, dancing on YouTube, building his fan base to guarantee his success when performing as a drag queen a few years later. Eddie addresses the questions most are scared to ask: Was there anything I could do to stop my son’s homosexuality? When did I know my son was gay? What made him that way? Parents will find comfort in reading that Eddie admits that his son’s feminine behaviors embarrassed him and he seriously contemplated abandonment, a choice that too many fathers feel they have to choose.

He shares witnessing the desperation in the eyes of fathers, from all walks of life, who have pulled him aside, away from listening ears wanting to know the answers to these frequently asked questions, agonizing the possibilities that their son might be gay.

Excerpt from Voice for the Silent Fathers:

“Was there anything I could do to stop my son’s homosexuality? When did I know my son was gay? What made him that way? I’ve witnessed the desperation in the eyes of fathers, from all walks of life, who have pulled me aside, away from listening ears, wanting to know the answers to their questions, analyzing the possibilities of why their son might be gay, some weren’t even sure that their sons were gay.

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Mothers seem to be more liberal about their son’s decisions to choose what makes them happy in life, and most importantly, “who” they share their lives with. However, for fathers, nine times out of ten, the topic is taboo. Especially the fathers who I’ve met in Federal prison or on the opposite end of the spectrum working with celebrities in the entertainment business.

I can tell you this, though, I never thought I would write a book and never a book on a topic like this, but life is funny that way. I found myself raising a son at 18 years old; I was still a kid myself, with a baby boy headed down that taboo highway. I was confused, frustrated, and angry at the world. “Why me?” I often thought in those early days, “Why has life thrown me this crazy curve ball?”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

First time author Eddie K. Wright is a fitness trainer, Yoga instructor, spiritual motivational speaker, and an inmate at a federal prison. His personal transformation AuthorPhoto_Voice For The Silent Fathersupon realizing the Universal laws and love of life supports his conviction in his “Gangster to Guru” book series. The premier release VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS details the struggle and inner conflict with being the parent of a homosexual child in the day and a known connected gangster at night. Overcoming his “No son of mine” mentality, by realizing the true meaning of unconditional love, wasn’t easy, but his deep insight, heartfelt honesty, and ‘laugh to keep from crying’ attitude, makes for a humorous read for anyone touched by this issue, which means it’s for everyone!

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Interview with Eddie K. Wright:

How do you come up with book titles?

I think the titles of the book should give the reader some insight into the story. We never hear from a father’s perspective since I’m one of the few fathers to write a book about having a homosexual son. Therefore, this title “Voice for the Silent Fathers” fit perfectly.

As people learned about your book, what unexpected things happen along the way?

I went from Gangster Turned Guru, to Gangster Turned LGBQT activist, and I’m fine with that. I was writing a weekly post, fighting for my son’s civil rights. When the Pulse night club shooting occurred, a father refused to claim his son’s body because he was gay. I wrote my thoughts about that. Another father killed his son when he found out he was gay, I wrote a post about that. Being one of the few fathers to have the courage to bring this taboo topic to the table came with an extra sense of responsibility once I realized I was the first and only father in prison to do it.

What have people most liked or found most meaningful/funny/creative/challenging about your book?

I’m able to write in a way that the reader experiences the emotional roller coaster I was dealing with. The readers will be challenged to be in my position and ask themselves how they would have handled it. By the end, the readers will feel as if they are a part of my family. I like to pull the readers in and connect emotionally as much as possible.

Why do you write?

Writing gives me freedom from the confines of these prison walls. When I’m expressing myself on paper, I have meaning and purpose with my life. My intention is to write words that help others heal and find happiness, spiritually and mentally, regardless of their outer physical conditions in life. Writing has also been a tool for my personal redemption with the Gangster Turned Guru series.

As a result of publishing your book, what have you learned about yourself and/or the writing process?

Since I’ve published, I’m able to be reviewed by people I’ve never met. To read all the five stars positive reviews is encouraging, but it was the one and two star reviews that inspired me to critique my writing more. I can’t deny that I was tossing and turning over that one review which came almost two years after Voice for the Silent Fathers was first published.

Where do your ideas come from for stories/books?

My books come from real life experiences. I enjoy writing spiritual self-help themes. I’m in an environment that needs it the most, prison. You can’t make up the events that go on behind these walls. It’s a writer’s paradise.

How much time do you spend writing each day?

I write about three hours each day, five days a week. It’s important to set a scheduled time to sit down and write. Even though you would think I have all the time in the world to write with being in prison, I don’t. I get busy and there are constant interruptions. I’ve designated my writing time and have made it known to others to not bother me unless it’s an emergency.

What’s the underlying message of your writing? The non-fiction description.

The underlying message of Voice for the Silent Fathers is that love conquers all. But we must learn to love unconditionally, which is difficult at times. While I was working hard at attempting to change my son, it took years to consider that I was the one who needed to change. I enjoy writing with a spiritual self-help content, explaining how we’re creators of our experiences in the way we think about our situations. The power of our perception dictates a lot. Are you living life as if the cup is half empty or half full? That will determine a positive or negative outlook and attract similar experiences based on that view.

Why should people want to read your books?

Because they’re GREAT!! But really, because I give a different insight that hasn’t been heard before. I’m the first father in prison to ever write about having a homosexual son. It’s a taboo topic that I address head on. I don’t pull punches and express what most fathers feel but are afraid to let be known. Everyone knows someone, be it a family member or friend, who is dealing with a similar issue, and this will help them find peace. Voice for the Silent Fathers is an olive branch of reconciliation for the father/son relationships.

How would you like your books to change the world?

My writing is about changing yourself in order to find the peace and happiness we all deserve no matter what situation we’re in. Once we change ourselves, then our world will change. I hope my books encourages hope in the readers and an attitude of gratefulness with life because simply living is plenty to be grateful for.

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