Make your blog posts come alive with hyperlinks!

write-3994024_1920Thanks to author Bobbie Kinkead for sharing the following post with me and my viewers!

When interviewing an author on CWC Berkeley, (CWC = California Writer’s Club) have many links included in the blog post. The author can then post the author’s interview on their blog or website for their audiences to read. Most writing programs on your computer, iPad, emails, texts, online newsletters, or blogs, allow linking; look at the menus under editing or find the linking symbol. Both the interviewer and interviewee should add links to connect twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook page, Amazon’s Author page, Smashword author interview, and online sale sites Kobo, iBook, Sony, Barnes&Nobles, etc.

There are over eight links here to connect to many audiences to share networking. Work the links into the text: the book Rhyonna’s Fright; where sold (Smashwords, Amazon); more information on the author’s site (Bobbie Kinkead ), and their blog (BlobBlobandBlogging) to make easy for the reader to click. As an interviewer, offer links for sharing at the end of your post. Always keep links updated and keep a list on your computer, iPad, or smartphone for easy access. Blogging once a month is the minimum, do more if you have time. Also, you can link to posts already written and posted.

The more links posted in the blog and on sites, the more prestige on Google searches because of the clicks readers use. Invite your readers to click on your links, not on Google ads; unless the advertisement is yours, remember Google gets the money. Your prestige is earned by reader clicks. So what if you have an audience of 5 or 10 people on a blog, no worry, web surfers come, observe, read, share, and slide on through. Your audience clicks matter for your performance on databases. Even if you have many sites with a modest audience, the interview will reach many people. Check the analytics of each blog to learn how many viewers looked at the post. Your newsletters (I use MailChimp.) show the clicks you have and on what links the reader clicked.

I heard maybe 8 years ago the information about linking from the networking genius, who programed hyperlinking, he is a billionaire. We can surf the vast net to see what his innovation offers for us. Surfing is like walking into different stores and shopping.

I also put author blogs, performances, and books with links in my newsletter, EVENTING…; the more places a book or blog is posted, the better for expanding different audiences and stretching hyperlink connections.

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  1. I’ve never understood the math on how hyperlinks that direct readers away from my blog still somehow benefits my blog in google rankings. Super interesting. Thanks!

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