My first review of Fling!

All writers need reviewers for their books so others can decide whether to read them or not. The review offers a perspective that some readers need before they invest in a novel. That’s why I’m pleased to post my first official review of Fling! by a reader I don’t know. In other words, it’s what’s called an honest review.

If anyone else is interested in reading and reviewing Fling!, I can give you a copy, free, in whatever format you prefer (paperbook or pdf) in exchange for your honest review.

N.N. Light’s has posted the review on her blog, on Amazon, and on Goodreads. I’m also including it below for those who are interested.

The relationship between mothers and daughters has always been a complicated one, ripe with misunderstandings, love, betrayal, virtue, honesty and jealousy. In Fling, we delve into three generations of women, all looking for answers.

Bubbles receives a letter from Mexico saying they are holding her mother’s ashes and please come pick them up. She calls her daughter, Feather, and convinces her to go to Mexico. Feather, not knowing how long her mother has left, agrees.

What started out as a favor to her mother, turns Feather’s world upside down. There’s something magical about Mexico (old Mexico, I mean) and all three generations of women discover the spirit within.

A beautifully told story, we catch a glimpse behind the scenes through flashbacks. Normally, flashbacks are a pet-peeve of mine but I wasn’t bothered because I felt I was part of the story. I was enthralled by the narration as I got deep into each of the characters. Art, myth and the lure of Mexico blend perfectly in Fling.

Favorite Character: Bubbles was my favorite character because she reminded me of my great-grandmother. She’s a free spirit and has lived three lifetimes in one. She may appear to be enigma to her daughter, Feather, but to me, she is a woman after my own heart. Fun, feisty and flirty, Bubbles will steal your heart.

Favorite Quote: Like a snarl in Annie’s knitting, she’s waiting to be untangled and rewoven into the fabric, freed from the negative family stuff but not separated from kin. ~Feather

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