Thanks to Sara Hart for interviewing me on her podcast: Born to Write with Lily Iona MacKenzie

Thanks to  Sara Hart for interviewing me on her podcast PRIME SPARK WITH SARA HART and whose blog offers encouragement to women over 55. Here is the link to the interview:    In it, I discuss my path to publication and other writing challenges with Sara.

4 thoughts on “Thanks to Sara Hart for interviewing me on her podcast: Born to Write with Lily Iona MacKenzie

  1. Terry Farnham

    Loved your podcast with Sara Hart. I’m fascinated to hearing more about your course you teach in memoirs.
    I am moving to a small farm in Australia, just turned 70. I had a thought of volunteering at the library to help the oldies but goodies write their story.
    I love memoirs and believe everyone has a story to tell. I especially think that older people are the unsung heroes.
    Can you offer me any insight into how I can assist these heroes and giving them a voice and a platform?
    I throughly enjoy all you do. I am ordering your memoir. You are an inspiration.
    I thought you lived in San Miguel.
    🙏🙏Thank you,

    1. Thanks for the visit, Terry, all the way from Australia, and for your good words about the Sara Hart podcast. Yes, memoir is a powerful way to integrate earlier times in our lives. I find that my students are hungry to hear each other’s stories. They bring rough drafts from writing prompts I’ve given them and share them in small groups, offering helpful suggestions, based on my previous instruction, on how to improve the pieces. They quickly form a community, and it’s difficult to part when our eight weeks are up. Some continue to work together based on what they’ve learned from my workshop. I trust you’ll find a way to do something similar at your new library. And thanks for ordering my new book. I hope you’ll write a review on Amazon when you’ve finished it! Best, Lily

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